It will take you a little bit of time to provide me with all the necessary measurements – but believe me, this will all lead to an amazing design, so it is definitely worth it!!

Please refer to the image below on HOW to create a sketch of your room(s).

Make sure you measure the distance of each wall, including doors. If there are windows, please note the distance of windows from the wall, how wide and tall they are, and how high the window sill is. The more information you provide me, the better the design will be.

If you have an obstruction, such as a support beam, please note exactly WHERE in the room the beam is. For fireplaces or any other non-movable object, note distance, height, and length. The more accurate you are, the better. Please DO NOT round up (or down) any measurements. If the measure is 6 feet and 2 inches, write 6’2”.

Please note the ceiling height, where light fixtures are, and any other items you see in the room.

If you will retain any existing furniture, please measure those as well, (height, depth, length).

Please provide me with pictures from every angle of the room I am designing. Please provide me with pictures of existing furniture, and any item that is structural or will remain in the space.

If I need more clarifications, I will call you to discuss further.

Thank you – now the fun can begin!!

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