I created two concepts for you to review. You will see a mood board, a floor plan, rendering, as well as furniture options for each design concept. Once you take a look at both concepts and renders, please let me know what you like and don't like about each.

Please be as specific as possible as this will help me create a final design plan that you will love! Remember, these are just initial design ideas and I can adjust and edit design elements, colors, styles, and more. 


Concept 2.jpg

You mentioned you liked blues and greens, so for the second concept, blue and earthy tones were the inspiration behind the design. 

As I mentioned, I think having a sectional sofa would create a closed in effect, so I opted for a sofa instead. For this concept, I found a sofa that can be customized with great quality and extremely durable fabrics. For this particular sofa, I chose a stripe pattern, but this can be changed to a solid and textured fabric instead. 

I added two end tables with lamps, accent pillows, and a swivel chair in light blue fabric. Again, this chair can be customized with fabric and style option. I love the swivel function of the chair, as it provides more flexibility.

In both designs, I incorporated clean lines, a cottage feel, and neutral tones with minimalist design. For this concept, I you will notice a full fireplace stone wall, as you will see on renders below. I think the renders will give you a great visual idea of how each design would look. 

Please note, the renders are visual representations only, and I will finalize and tweak those once you let me know which plan and design you like better. 




blue plan render.JPG
blue render 4.JPG
blue render 3.JPG
blue render 2.JPG