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You will be able to see what your room will actually look like with a very realistic rendering, plus, you will receive a floor plan, and installation instructions so that your home will truly look styled, designed, and beautiful. 

E-Design is available to anyone with a computer, anywhere! That is the beauty of virtual interior designs! It is also an affordable design solution for homeowners who would like to hire an educated and experienced interior designer, but don’t necessarily have the budget to do so.



The full eDesign is a luxury option and it mimics a traditional interior design service. I will design your space according to your needs, desires, and wants, all within your style and budget.

You will receive:

  • Initial consultation and access to a personalized Pinterest board (this is how I learn more about your style and your preferences)

  • 2 initial design concepts to review (as a mood board)

  • 2 paint palette to choose from

  • 1 revision of the concept you choose

  • Professional furniture plan with setup instructions

  • Exact furniture sizes that will fit your space with   detailed dimensions

  •  Direct messaging with me, your designer

  •  Shopping list of furniture and accessories within  your price range and from your favorite stores

  •  1 week of post design support

  •  3D rendering of the final design 



I use Chief Architect almost exclusively for rendering and drafting projects. While I am also an AutoCad professional, Chief Architect is a monster program and can do so much more than CAD and other render programs combined. 


This is my go-to tool, and while I only started learning it this year, I have quickly excelled with it. 



Check out my eDesign gallery of actual projects!

Don't get me wrong, no matter how you look at it, interior design service is still a luxury! But with eDesign, what you get is an attainable luxury!

If you haven’t heard this term yet, you better get used to it, because this will soon become a staple in design industry. eDesign is a personalized, tailored service that delivers a professional design package to a client, for a very affordable price and in a short amount of time - all via email!

The best part for me is that I can work for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You still receive a very personalized service, as you can easily call me and discuss any changes or desires, or send a text or email. The choice is yours! I want to communicate with you and implement changes you desire, just like we would if you used a traditional design service!

The difference is that I don’t usually see you in person, unless you are located within a driving distance. Of course, we can chat via web cam, if that is your preference! I also don’t come to your home to take measurements (which is usually a paid service of about $200.00+). I ask YOU to provide me with detailed dimensions so I can create a well designed plan for your home. Here is guide on how to do the sketch and proper measure.


Traditional design service unlike eDesign, provides design management (hourly fees), furniture order (for which you will pay up to 45% markup), and managing of deliveries plus final staging (hourly fees). Because I don’t manage your project or order and manage furniture and delivery, you will have full control of when, where, and how you purchase your furniture and accessories. 


Why are your prices higher than what other eDesigners charge? I thought eDesign was affordable!

That is an easy explanation. Many people don’t know this - and let me share an inside secret with you! An interior design project for one room can take hours and hours on end. WHY? Even though we are skilled designers and can whip out a perfect floor plan and great design solution in minutes, the sourcing of furniture takes a LOT OF TIME. When I say a lot, I mean really slow! Sourcing of furniture can be painstakingly slow!

The biggest reason why this part is such a time sucker, is because you have to align all these elements - price, size, color, and finish, for every single piece in the room. Even if you hit on 3 out of 4 elements, that is not satisfactory for the final design.

I may find a perfect table and sofa, but the accent chair has to complement with color, have the right height and depth, and I have to make sure the arm height will work with the accent table I chose.

All these details are extremely time consuming! Depending on a room, style, price, and budget, an entire space plan with all furniture selections and 3D rendering can easily take 10 hours or more. Since many designers charge $150 per hour or more, plus furniture markup, this one room can easily cost over $1500 just in hourly fees!

When you hire me to create an E-Design for your space, whether it be one room or an entire house, you are paying a considerably lower flat fee for my services, yet you still retain the high quality and expertise of using an interior designer.​​

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