The best interior design is achieved when the designer is willing to collaborate with homeowners

What is the difference between a designer and a decorator?


As one of my friends would put it, “decorators fluff pillows”. An interior designer is a professional who gained their knowledge through education, experience, and licensing. Many “designers” today truly are only decorators. Most of them do not understand a level of technicality that we gain by completing a college degree. I have an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design Technology.  Interior design is a blend of art and science, and true designers are well versed in creating space planning, construction and mechanical drawings, as well as creating schedules, reflected ceiling plans, dimension plans, and scaled elevation drawings. These technical items do make a difference, as they provide our clients with a wealth of information, and at the end of the day, it saves our client’s time, energy, and finances, as I am able to produce most architectural* drawings. These drawings are intended to convey the design intent only.

Do you have any other certifications related to design?

As I am committed to eco-friendly design, I decided to further educate myself on sustainable design. I am very proud to say that in 2016 I received a prestigious title of LEED AP ID+C.  With hopes and excitement for the future of sustainable design, this title gives me a deeper understanding about sustainable design, eco-friendly materials, and more. I believe green building and sustainable design is the future. Whether you believe in sustainability and environment or not – I think we can all agree that having a home free of chemicals and toxic substances, as well as saving money by using more energy efficient appliances and water saving fixtures is good for both our health and our pocket.



Do you only provide services in Connecticut?


The interior design profession is very flexible. Our profession is one of those few that are able to work on any job, anywhere in the world.  A large part of the job designers do is on the computer and at a drafting table. Sketches, floor plans, furniture plans, selections, etc, can all be done via a remote location. Of course, it is always better to see the place we are working on in person, but this is not a necessity. I focus my work on South Florida, but I am available to work anywhere in the world.


What are your fees?


Please check out this page for detailed information on fees.


How long does it take for a project to be completed?


Obviously, this depends on the scope of work. Am I only designing one room or a whole house? Is this a new construction or an older home? This is hard to answer because every job is different.


Are you a residential or commercial designer?


I am a residential designer, but I will and can work under an architect or engineer and work on a commercial project as well.


Have you won any awards?


Yes, I won a Student Design Excellence Award from ASID, South Florida Chapter in 2015 and 2016.


What is your interior design style?


That is also a hard question to answer. I often gravitate towards contemporary interiors and furnishings. Clean lines, minimal pattern, symmetrical composition, and soft tones are very attractive to my eye. I also absolutely love a bold and vibrant interior design, with punches of primary colors like blues, reds, and yellows, but still with a modern flare. Then there are times or spaces that call for an organic design solution, and in that case, I am also a big fan of warm colors, textured and natural patterns, wood grains, and organic, sustainable wallcoverings. I can definitely roll with variety of styles and bring out the best of every home.  


How do I go about hiring you?


Simply call or email and we can schedule a consultation. Our initial meeting should be at the home or office you are looking to remodel.


What can I expect when I hire you?


At the initial meeting, we will get to know each other.  I will need to understand you, your style, your needs, and I will need to see the space. Then, after you sign the letter of agreement, you should provide me with house plans (which I can also obtain for you), and  I will begin working on initial sketches for your home. We will choose to work on one room, and within 10 days you should receive preliminary sketches, selections, and finishes. This way we can establish a relationship, and as you accept or reject selections, we can narrow down your design style. This will help me get to know you even better, so that each presentation can have less snags, less rejections, and more excitement. After I produce an entire space plan, furniture plan, and other working drawings, the construction can begin. While construction is underway, the selections you approved will be purchased and scheduled for delivery. And once the construction is finished, the furniture and accessories will be delivered to your home or office, and then you will receive a final certificate of completion.


Are there any forms to fill out?


Yes, to get to know you better, we have a fairly detailed client profile I’d like you to fill out. Please take your time with it, and really think about the questions and answers. This will help establish a relationship between you, me, and your style. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

Second form you will sign is a letter of agreement. Upon agreeing to hiring Capasso Interior Design Inc., you will sign a simple, yet detailed agreement that will explain and outline scope of services, and understand how the fees work, and if need be, information on termination of contract.



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