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Although I do offer eDesign services for clients all over the country, rest assured, I also provide my local Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and some Pennsylvania clients with traditional interior design services.

The traditional interior design service is perfect for busy professionals who need a designer that will handle and take care of the entire design project.

As a designer, it's often easier for my clients to let go of the remodeling process and let me take the reigns of their entire home project. This way my clients don't need to stress about mundane issues and they can focus on their own work, family, or fun, while I do the design/remodeling/renovation work and prep their home to perfection.


So why should you hire me? 

  • I have quite a few full remodeling jobs under my belt!

  • Space planning - I LOVE the puzzle of figuring out how to make new build work for homeowners' wants and needs

  • I am extremely detail oriented - I blame this on my slight OCD

  • I have a keen eye for COLOR! Yes, I can pick out a perfect color that will work in your space - because I can see color undertones!

  • Furniture planning - easy peasy (LOVE creating functional AND beautiful spaces)

  • I am a really good listener (great as I HEAR what you are looking for in your dream home)

  • I am super easy going and easy to talk to (I am the type of person who believes communication is key to everything)

  • 2 year in a row (student) design winner


  • A total go-getter. I like to get things done!!

  • I don't give up until I find what I need and what I know will work in the space.

  • And finally - I LOVE what I do, which makes me really good at design

Well, what is the difference between eDesign and traditional, full design service?


The main difference is that a traditional, full design service is much more hands on. The words 'full design' explain it perfectly. While I mostly provide guidance and ideas with eDesign, full interior design service takes care of everything from:

  • helping with selecting a builder/general contractor

  • provide conceptual design drawings

  • work closely with architect or engineer and trades people to ensure the work is completed as specified

  • provide project management and on site visits

  • full furniture ordering, processing, and furniture installation and home staging

  • and more


I also meet my clients in person for the initial consultation. This is where both parties evaluate whether the project will be a good fit for both the homeowner and me, the designer.


I like to have a really good relationship with my clients, so we must get along like ‘long lost friends’! Yes, we will become best friends over the course of the project - we will spend quite a lot of time together, as I am the type who needs to oversee the project and make sure everything is done according to my design specification. 


What are my design fees?


I thoroughly believe in straight forward, fixed design fees - and this traditional design service is no different.

I have a flat, fixed fee option or hourly fee, including a 25% furniture markup (yet I always pass on my designer discount to my clients).


FIXED FEE + COMMISSION: I charge $15.00 per square foot of remodeling/redesigning/decorating, 25% commission on furniture purchases. This fee includes on site visits, phone calls, conceptual drawings, renderings, research, ordering of furniture, project management, client meetings, office fees, and more. There will never be any additional fees if you choose a fixed fee option. 

HOURLY FEE + COMMISSION:  $125.00 per hour, 25% commission on furniture purchases. Each hour working on the project is billed and justified, including phone calls, meeting in person, on site visits, ordering and following up, installation, etc. (Hours are purchased ahead in a block of 5 hours at a time).


What is included in the fixed fee?



      • Interview client to determine user needs and goals.

      • Obtain scaled floor plans of the project from the client or the architect.

      • Measure job site to obtain necessary dimensions of site.

      • Determine style, color, etc., preferences.

      • Coordinate (if needed) with appropriate consultants).

      • Prepare final design program.


      • Prepare preliminary furniture plans.

      • Prepare preliminary selections of interior architectural finishes.

      • Prepare preliminary furniture, furnishings, and equipment selections.

      • Review applicable building, life safety, and accessibility codes, and apply as required.

      • Make preliminary color selections.

      • Prepare design drawings, such as perspectives, elevations for a non-load-bearing interior construction, materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures and equipment for client’s approval. The plan drawings presented in ¼” scale, and the elevations presented in ½” scale.


      • Complete space plans and layouts.

      • Complete furniture, furnishings, and equipment plans.

      • Complete working drawings concerning custom furniture, cabinets, or architectural treatments.

      • Prepare specifications of furniture, furnishings, and equipment.

      • Prepare presentation boards or other presentation media.

      • Prepare presentation graphics, such as renderings of perspectives.


      • Prepare written specifications to accompany working drawings, schedules, and furniture, furnishings, and equipment.

      • Procure furniture and furnishings by submitting purchase orders to suppliers and installers.

      • Make periodic visits to the job site to ensure the work is being done in accordance with the contract documents and specifications.

      • Supervise installation of furniture, furnishings, and equipment.

      • Maintain project management and schedule records (if agreed upon).


When I am sourcing and purchasing trade or retail furniture and accessories for my clients, I always pass on my full designer discount to my clients. This means that many of the items available through a trade can be prices up to 50% (sometimes even more) better than retail items. Since I pass my deep discount to you, the client, I charge a commission on the furniture purchased through me. I put in the work, time, effort, and sourcing to obtain these items, therefore the commission fee. 

There you have it - my fee structure and scope of work outlined in a nutshell. Ready to get started and design a home of YOUR dreams? 

Call, Email, or FB message me. I can't wait to turn your home into something incredibly beautiful. 

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