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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

If you are not familiar yet with this new, revolutionary concept of eDesign, make sure you read this!

Interior Design is changing, and I love this new design approach!

This is a new way to provide interior design services to anyone, anywhere, all via email!

Best of all, this online design is actually extremely affordable and flexible! Yay!

As so many things have evolved with the availability of technology, so did interior design. I have always professed that design should be available to anyone in any budget. And this new eDesign concept is such a perfect solution for those who would love to hire a professional, educated and experienced designer, but don't have the funds to pay thousands of dollars in design fees!

As a designer, I still have 'traditional design clients', in a sense - they want one-on-one design service, very personalized, and very high end with custom finishes and fabrics.

Yet, the eDesign service truly accomplishes the same thing - but in a scaled down version. Scaled down in time and money that is.

Online Interior Design with navy chairs, brass accents, modern feel
Online Interior Design with navy chairs, brass accents, modern feel

While traditional design service can take months or years from start to finish, and usually attracts clients who are completely renovating entire homes, eDesign is priced for nearly every wallet, and design is usually purchased for one room at a time. The initial concept is usually delivered within days, and the entire design is finalized and delivered within just a few weeks.

So while you get a truly personalized design service with both options, the eDesign service was created so that a good, quality, and personalized design is no longer available only for the rich and famous.

I love being able to offer this service to people just like me! Regular, hard working women who know what they love, know what they need, but don't know how top pull the design together past that one sofa or chair. Now, you can actually afford to hire me, a professional, educated AND experienced designer to help YOU fulfill a dream of a well designed home.

eDesign, living room with dark green walls, birch wallpaper, country modern feel
eDesign, living room with dark green walls, birch wallpaper, country modern feel

Interested? Click here to fill out my client form and lets get started!

So, what are my prices?

I am glad you asked! Click here or read on:

eDESIGN PACKAGES - please click on each link for more info

eDESIGN: $495.00 (on sale at 40% discount until 11/23/18 - price $297) 

CAD SERVICE: $ 80.00

My eDesign packages are $start at 199.00 per room, but I also offer smaller price packages. This is what you receive when you purchase a FULL package:

You will receive:

  •   Initial consultation and access to a personalized Pinterest board

  •   2 initial design concepts to review

  •   2 revisions of the concept you choose

  •   2 paint palette to choose from

  •   1 final room design

  •   Professional furniture plan with setup instructions

  •   Elevation drawing of one wall

  •   Exact furniture sizes that will fit your space with detailed dimensions

  •   Direct messaging with me, your designer

  •   Shopping list of furniture and accessories

  •   2 week of post design support

  •   3D rendering with multiple views of final plan​​​

HERE ARE SOME MORE EXAMPLES OF EDESIGN. These are actual photos of the room, with dropped in furniture you can purchase, and full room renderings for a gorgeous visual presentation.

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