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Splurge Or Save on A Rug?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that a click + purchase will result in a small commission for me, at no cost to you. 

I am the queen of bargain shopping! I can't see myself paying full price for most things - I always wait for a good sale to come up before I commit to a large purchase!

Rugs are no exception.

If you have no kids/grandkids/dogs/husband - then yes, you can actually splurge on a fancy schmancy rug. But then again, if you are the type who entertains a lot - maybe think again about that expensive investment.

I can't see myself paying a lot of money for rugs for these reasons:

  • Americans don't have the custom of removing shoes when they visit someone. (This still comes as a shock to me. In Europe and Asia, removing shoes is customary and most people actually provide you with house slippers to wear while visiting.) But here - people walk straight into your home no matter what weather conditions they just walked in from. SHOCKING! And those dirty shoes will be walking all over the rug! :(

  • If you have dogs or any other animals, an inexpensive rug is a must. We have two dogs - and I am always cleaning their paws when they come home. Even with the cleanest dogs, I am pretty sure their paws are still a bit dirty.

  • If you entertain a lot, an inexpensive rug will not be as painfully to replace when someone spills red wine over it!

  • Styles change so fast! Unless you are a traditionalist at heart and you purchase a Persian rug that will stand the test of time, you will most likely get tired of that rug and want to replace it with something newer anyways.

So, for our home, I am buying a pretty - but inexpensive rug. As I was looking online and sourcing rugs, I stumbled upon this website and I was instantly in love! With selections, as well as styles!

I am actually obsessing over all of these...they are all just so beautiful. Hope you find something great for your home as well!

Here are some of my favorites:

I love this large scale pattern rug with plush feel and neutral tones.

This rug is appropriately called the Marilyn Monroe Glam rug - this is glam, yet elegant, modern, and classy. Love!!

This boho rug with ivory and black. So insanely gorgeous. You can work this into pretty much any design style and make it work!!

Glamorous, why not? Isn't this rug just so beautiful? I'd totally rock this rug and style the room with fun, modern brass accents. Gorgeous!!

Greek Key is one of my favorite patterns. I always love designs with clean lines and interesting, intricate designs, so this one is one of my favorite ones!

My favorite pattern is clean, minimal, with straight lines - like this rug below. I love this one because the less pattern on the floor gives the opportunity for more fun patterns in the furniture and accessories.

This is such a pretty rug with simple, minimal pattern and one color (black and white) - click on the link and look up close. It's so stunning!

How cool is this jute rug with navy border? So interesting and casual, yet so pretty!

Here is another traditional/classic rug with a neutral tone. This would work best with a minimal pattern on furniture fabrics.

Another one of my favorite patterns is trellis, like this rug below. And of course, blue is my all time favorite color - so this is a win-win!

If you like classic style rugs, this one is for you! Love the pattern and color!

Here is another pretty boho rug. This one looks pretty cozy and amazing!

Another trellis pattern rug, this is indoor/outdoor. So fab!

This is a cool indoor/outdoor rug with simple, classic stripes.

Love this graphic pattern - it is simple, yet interesting.

This hand woven jute rug is neutral enough to fit in any space, and the modern diamond pattern gives it that interesting, contemporary feel.

Love these rugs? Check out more here!

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