I am passionate about the environment, as well as the well-being and health of our beautiful planet's inhabitants. I truly believe sustainable and eco-friendly design is not just a fad, but is an important aspect of our industry now, and will be carried on and expanded well into the future.  As an interior designer, I am responsible for creating spaces for my clients that are visually appealing to the eye, that reflect the personality of the homeowner, and at the same time, create spaces choosing materials that are the healthiest for my clients.

Eco-friendly design addresses many aspects of human health. Sustainable design can be incorporated at any stage of  a new construction project; as interior design, remodeling, or decorating. Designing and achieving a healthy environment, being conscious of the health of our planet as well as the health of my clients, can be addressed in many simple, often inexpensive ways.

From incorporating water saving fixtures; specifying zero or low VOC paints, cleaning products, coatings, and other materials; purchasing carpets and other finishes that are eco-friendly, recycled, or low emitting, to purchasing local furniture with quality and earth friendly fabrics.

Sustainable design can be achieved in a multitude of creative ways without sacrificing quality or design, and my clients will never have to walk into their newly designed home with the toxic "new home" scent wafting through the air. The off-gassing of materials, furniture, & paints takes quite some time to diminish, and the gasses emitted are far from healthy for the occupants.

At Capasso Interiors, I focus on the use of as many eco-friendly materials as possible, I try to source local products and accessories, and I try to specify furniture made in the USA whenever possible.

I truly care about the health of our planet as well as my clients!

Sonja Capasso, LEED AP ID+C, Allied ASID