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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

3D furniture models, custom furniture models, 3D lighting, 3D credenza, 3D dining chair, photorealistic rendering
Dining room design, rendering, and models built by me

Oh believe me, I've been there!!

You are working on a project and creating a 3d presentation for your client. You have a gorgeous design and a 3d rendering, and you found the most amazing and unique furniture to show your client. That chair will seal the deal. It will make the sale!

Yet, that one model of the chair, the showpiece of the entire presentation is missing in your 3d presentation. You spent hours searching various 3D libraries, you looked all over the web to try and find a good 3d model you can use, but you still didn't find anything remotely similar. It's frustrating and time consuming!!

3d Furniture Models, 3d dining table, Sketchup Models, 3d light fixture models, 3d mirror, photorealistic rendering
3d rendering of a dining room with all custom models created by me

How will your client see your design vision without that one spectacular chair?

Custom 3D model of a game room chair built for a client

And just when you thought: Score!! You got lucky enough and actually found the exact chair...and then noticed the format was wrong? Damn - back to square one, and your time tracker is about 3 hours past what you estimated this task would take.

You most likely need a chief architect file (model), or even better, a SketchUp model that you can modify yourself. Now what?

The modeling business has become it's very own industry and specialty! As our design field grows and advances with the latest technology, so do customers expectations. your clients want to see how the furniture - the exact furniture you selected - will look and feel in their home one day.

Designers are using 3D renderings, hiring freelancers like myself to build their 3D models, and not only provide 3d views, but virtual walkthrough space, photorealistic images, and any other tools that will help convey their design ideas. Picture IS worth a 1000 words!

3d modeling, 3d bed model, 3d light fixture, photorealistic rendering
Master bedroom design, rendering, and models created by me

Modeling furniture has become a passion of mine! Not surprisingly, I have been quite busy providing this service to my clients, as more and more designer reach out to me to have their 3D models built. I have built 100's of custom chairs, light fixtures, case goods, sofas, doors, hardware, vent hoods, and more! I not only build vendor products, designers reach out to me to have their own visions of custom furniture come to life.

I have quite an extensive 3d library in my system - but more on that in another blog post.

If you need a custom 3d model, shoot me an email with the link to the product, and I will estimate my time to create the piece you need. And if by chance I have the model already built, you can purchase it for a fraction of the cost!

Instead of looking, browsing, searching, or even trying to build a model yourself, you can hire this service out! That is what I am here for! And as always, I provide photorealistic renderings, as well as rendering, drafting and construction documentation with chief architect premier, x13!

Contact me: sonja@capasso-interiors or call: 561.801.8655

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