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It's so funny how my business evolved over the last year - I went to school wanting to be an interior designer, and I struggled to get enough clients to keep my business going. Since I graduated, other designers kept hiring me for drafting and rendering services, and so I decided to make this my full time job.

From the moment I made a specialty change from a designer to an interior drafter and rendering artist, I have been extremely busy and my business flourished!

Because I believe that we have to constantly learn, grow, and elevate ourselves and our businesses, I am learning and advancing my technical skills so I can serve more customers and have a wider range of services available.

As designers, we are always finding ways to show our clients how spaces will look once completed. Many of us use drafting programs such as Chief Architect, AutoCAD, Sketchup, and more to create 3D client presentations.

How many times did you try to find an item in a 3D warehouse and you just couldn't find the exact sofa, or mirror, or a light fixture that is a crucial visual part of your design?

Building models can be time consuming, plus, you have to have excellent software knowledge and skills to be able to do so. Over the last few months I noticed a need for what I do, and so I decided to expand upon my services and add 3D custom furniture/fixture modeling to my repertoire. Over the last few months I have built close to 100 models for various clients, and so if you didn’t know about this new service I offer, now you do!

I am adding images of my models to my online portfolio as we speak, so please check back frequently.

You may need a model that has already been built, and those will be priced at a lower price than custom models, so please inquire with me first.

Right now my library has furniture models from Jamie Young, Kristin Drohan, TOV, Berndhard, Four Hands, and more.

PRICING: Custom models: billed at $75.00 per hour

Existing models already built and in my 3D library: $45.00 per item

If you are interested in hiring me for rendering, drafting, or custom 3D modeling, please email me:

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