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You Need This! (you can thank me later)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I am super excited to share this news - Kelly Fridline, who is my mentor and someone who I look up to so, so much; and Jodi Best (I am in awe of her talent), who has taught me advance 3D furniture modeling, have teamed up to create ready to go calibz file models for Chief Architect and Home Designer Users!!

Custom 3D furniture modeling
Chair modeled by Jodi Best, Ottoman Modeled by me

Yup, these are NOT Sketchup files, these models are programmed and modified solely for your Home Designer or Chief Architect and Chief Premier use! Just drag and drop and they will save into your library instantly. It’s that easy!

If you are like me, you have searched for that sofa or chair with the right arm and/or skirt/leg combo in a 3D warehouse, and you spent too many hours that you care to admit searching and STILL coming up short.

Maybe you found a great, similar model you can use in your Chief rendering, only to find out that the item has unnecessary geometry attached, and now you either have to go back to Sketchup, explode the item, and reconfigure it - which again, will take quite some time, or hire someone with SketchUp knowledge to do it for you.

Or, even worse, the model you imported is not sizing the way it’s supposed to, and that chair you needed suddenly looks like it belongs on a Salvador Dali painting.

Since I do my own modeling, I can model these items; but truth be told, soft goods like sofas and chairs take HOURS and HOURS to create.

Modeling is hard, it is time consuming, and expensive. My clients pay me by the hour to create custom pieces they can’t find in the existing library.

With that said, here are 7 amazing benefits when you purchase this ready to go 18! (YES, EIGHTEEN!!) piece soft goods library.

  1. Less time wasted in a 3D warehouse looking for that perfect arm sofa/chair.

  2. High end, quality 3D furniture models, available at the click of your mouse. (For those of us doing 3D renderings, high end models are a must)

  3. You can apply any type of fabric, solid or pattern, and the print will display perfectly, every time!

  4. No warping or weird stretching when you resize your model!!

  5. Furniture is PRESET to the correct furniture layer - spend less time fixing and organizing and more time designing!

  6. Save a small fortune when you buy the set. I charge anywhere from $95-$300 PER item if I have to build it from scratch. You get a whole entire collection for a fraction of the actual cost.

  7. Models are created from a well known trade catalog, they are specific - yet generic enough that you can use them in your 3D renderings over and over.

You get all these models, and if you look closely, there is piping on them as well. These are built with precision and expertise, and they are absolutely perfect!!

Please go and check out examples for yourself here: and watch a quick 6 minute video of how cool and easy this is to use. Kelly also shared some rendering images of the pieces, so you can see how insanely beautiful they are!

A chair from the collection, modeled and rendered by Jodi Best

When you are ready to purchase - go here - an introductory price of only $257!! (this is an affiliate link); scroll down to see Library Catalog Downloads:

You will thank me later!

Happy Designing!!

XO, Sonja

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