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And The Winner Is....

Option 3!

How to layout furniture in an awkward shape living room?
How to layout furniture in an awkward shape living room?

We were 'forced' to purchase furniture yesterday, as we got tired of sitting on bean bags. And also, our puppy 'claimed' my bean bag and did pee on it once, making in unusable for me to sit on.

Since we barely have any furniture in the space, relaxing at the end of a long day was pretty hard, and I really wanted to buy some chairs.

We are pouring a ton of money into fixing the home so it is livable, safe, and warm, we have to be extremely cautious in how much money we spend on furniture. I did check many online stores and my design resources, but although prices were good, some of the reviews of the chairs I looked up were pretty bad. I definitely didn't want to spends 100's of dollars and have a chair break down in a few months or a year.

At the same time, since comfort is key, I thought we both needed to actually sit in the chair and test them out.

My most affordable option was Bob's Discount Furniture store, and their closest location was only about 30 minutes away.

I took my space measurements from my plan, and went to the store determined to find a perfect chair. And so we did. The second chair we sat in felt amazing. It had a firm cushion, a soft and tall back, and an ottoman that has hidden storage. Win - win - win.

It only came in two colors, white and gray, duh - isn't everything white and gray today?? We chose gray, because well, we have two dogs. :)

But at this price point, I am not even complaining. I will style the room later on and add fun accessories, pillows with print, a fun rug and spice things up that way.

So here is the chair we purchased - mind you, this shows white, ours will be gray. Follow along with me on here, or my business page or within my Facebook group to see how this design unfolds.

Are you in need of help to create a functional and beautiful furniture layout? Call or email - I can help you! I offer affordable design packages so that you too, can live in a home that is well designed!

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