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Entryway Fix

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Sometimes homeowners who decorate their home forget about the little things that matter.

I am talking specifically, properly placed decor.

The entryway is a perfect opportunity to add accessories and welcome guests into your home by adding a console and mirror above it.

Please use caution when decorating console! Why?

I like to use minimal accessories on the console, because too much stuff can look like clutter in no time! But I definitely like to add a few interesting pieces.

My last client did a fab job selecting a really pretty console for the entry. But the rest of the entry was just lackluster. It was definitely missing some stylish decorative elements.

When I was working with her and designing her home, this one small space came together in a jiffy. (is that still a word people use?) I knew we needed a gorgeous larger mirror and a little decor, and that's all I added.

But really, I want to first share with you the way entry looked when we first met.

Unfortunately, many houses have obstructions or visual impairment, as I call them, and the vent grills, receptacles, switches, and A/C controls are an evil necessity that often times take away from the design look and feel.

And many times, we are stuck with these visual obstructions.

So we need to work around them.

This console is very pretty! But I don't like the cord hanging on the bottom, the decor on the console is lacking personality, and the wall is way too bare.

And so, I fixed it!

I drew the entire floor plan in my CAD, including elevations for each wall we placed artwork on. I believe that proper scaling and elevation drawing is the ONLY way to create a perfect balance in height, size, and depth.

Mirror size scaled with an elevation drawing for a perfect fit.
Mirror size scaled with an elevation drawing for a perfect fit.

My CAD absolutely helped me scale in a large mirror I found on It might have been too large for a different space, but on this large wall, this 41" round mirror is perfect. Not too large, not too small.

Obviously, this image is only here for visual representation and for me to see how the sizes will work.

I added some (faux) flowers, client's own decor, and a few candle holders to create a balance.

My one challenge in this home was that there were so many shiny objects and light fixtures. I did not want to add too many metal elements into the space, and this space was no different.

Since the console was already 'cold' visually, I still added a metallic mirror because it worked well with color, style, and size. But I then had to think about the accessories. I couldn't add more metal, or anything shiny. I had to warm up the area and make it pretty. The space also lacked interest in color, and I knew I had to add something fun.

I love using plants in home and I always use them to style my spaces. And yes, I do favor faux plants!

I just have a black thumb, and I totally accepted that!!

So faux orchid, white and classic, client's own special sculpture and a couple of candle holders with different heights and some nice blue color. I love the way it looks now! Just a few key pieces really made a difference in this entry!

I bet you are ready to see the after photo. Well, here it is!

Doesn't this looks so much better? A little decor goes a LONG way!

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