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Good Design Takes Time

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I am lucky enough I get to really think about design of each and every room, and I won't purchase (much) furniture until my design is finalized. We do have an obstacle and a reason why - we can't actually purchase anything UNTIL we sell our Florida house. So we must wait - and design everything virtually, for now.

But you know what? I think it's great that we are actually living in the house, feeling it out, seeing what works and what doesn't - and what will make the home more homey. This process is actually great - and as much as I want the house to be finished - I am ok with waiting!

I decided early on what the theme and the design of the house will be. Read it here. And so far, I have been following my design plan perfectly. I am designing a pretty, yet cozy, comfy house that will not break the bank - and a house that will be suitable for us and our two dogs.

I had to cut and adjust my budget slightly, but more about this on another post. For now, here are my renderings of what I want our living room to look like.

Online Interior Design Rendering of what the room will look like with green walls, birch trees wallpaper

Online Interior Design Rendering of what the room will look like

A reminder of the awkward before pictures:

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