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Hardware - Knobs and Pulls

I love hardware! I am specifically talking about cabinet door knobs and pulls.

So here is the thing - knobs and pulls are the bestest - yes, that is a word! :), easiest, coolest, and least expensive way (usually) to decorate and spice up your kitchen cabinets.

Not only that, knobs and pulls give you a chance to express your individual personality and let you style shine! Don't be afraid of being different!!

Of course, you can use these also on any desk, furniture items like a dresser, end table, nightstand, or chest. Anything with a door and a drawer, you can and you should style with a little flare.

Much too often, I see the same old, boring, dull pulls. You know which ones I am talking about, right? Or should I paint you a picture?

Since picture is worth a thousand words....

These are one of the most commonly used drawer handles today.
These are one of the most commonly used drawer handles today.

I beg you - please search a little more and find something a little more unique than this.

And because I have seen these so often - I will NEVER ever ever - ever use them in any of my projects.

Before I share my favorite stores and examples of some super cool hardware, here is my tip for selecting the right ones for you:

I always complement my door, backsplash, or something else in the room, like a light fixture - this means if my door is a shaker style, I will most likely use a more square, clean line pull. If I am complementing my backsplash, I may use a more curved handle - but I always pay attention how the handle shape will work with my door style. I may also use back splash shape or color to help me select my hardware.

For example, when I used a hex tile on my backsplash, I used hex knobs and pulls on my cabinet doors. I like to have some similarity in the space, whether that is shape, color, style, or finish.

I want to share with you some of my favorite online stores, and I will pull at least a few of my all time favorite knobs and pulls from each one.

I really hope this is eye opening for you and I hope that when you shop for kitchen or door or drawer hardware - I hope you use these links to find something fab. And if you do - please share your cool finds with me!

Without further ado, here they are, in a random order:

I love the transitional feel with this black finish.
I love the transitional feel with this black finish.

Atlas Hardware

I have always loved this shape. It's so pretty!
I have always loved this shape. It's so pretty!

Amerock (I am using these in my kitchen remodel)

You can also scour these online stores for pretty much every single hardware available:

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Jun 03, 2022

A locksmith near me has done replacement of new door knobs on the doors of my apartment. The installed knobs are looking amazing and everybody likes it very much.


Apr 14, 2022

Home lockout can also be caused if these door knobs are not installed properly. So, hire a professional expert while doing its installation.

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