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I have very expensive taste!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Over the years, I have noticed that unless you are a gazillionaire, when designing your own home, you will end up having to sacrifice something.

Whether that is style, color, size, or function - something will have to give.

In my mind, I have built a dream kitchen over and over again. This would be my dream: Custom painted the color I want - probably a gorgeous slate blue, I'd have spectacular waterjet backsplash tile that costs about $100 a foot, and a really incredible vent hood. I would have a gorgeous breakfast nook, a custom roman shade by the large window, and I'd have a gigantic fridge with a custom face panel, a very large island, and storage galore.

I would definitely want a high ceiling, gorgeous chandeliers, a pendant, a large window by the sink, and fancy pulls and knobs.

And then - reality sets in.

Oh boy, I have expensive tastes. I always have!

But, luckily for me, I am a great shopper - and I can recreate a look I love on a budget. Yes, I will not have a custom color, or probably anything that I listed in my dream kitchen. BUT - my kitchen will still be gorgeous.

I will work really, really hard to make my budget work and do the best I can with the amount of money I have to spend - I just shop smart.

I invest in important pieces, like backsplash, lighting, even handles, if I have to. I do splurge on quartz, because to me, nothing beats a clean, white's what helps make my backsplash shine.

In this home we moved into a few months ago, we decided to reface our current kitchen. I love that we have a large kitchen - so happy about that. But we can't rip it out because new cabinets would be more expensive than refacing current. Plus, the kitchen is actually in a very good condition. And the cabinets are solid!

We will not be ripping out floors either - and I HATE our existing tile floors with a passion.

I grunt every time I clean them, because they are impossible to be spotless. Why?

So glad you asked! And here is an important lesson - don't buy the cheapest tile you find. Please - just don't. If you are a clean freak - test the tile before you buy it and install it.

Bring it home and throw dirt on it. I mean it - see how it cleans up. Work it a little. Make sure you like it, because you will be living with that tile for YEARS! Maybe forever.

Back to my horrific tile - this dreadful tiles are textured so badly, that the nooks and crannies of the tile are so teeny tiny, the mud from outside gets so ingrained in them I can't get it out, unless I pour heavy duty chemical cleaner on it and let it sit. Which I have done now, many times, and I don't want to keep burning my nose. So - no, thank you.

I use a steam mop instead - and still - the dirt remains. UGH.

Today, we decided on LVP tile. We will do a pretty 'wood inlay' with a darker tone, and we will 'tile' over the existing tile. The ceramic tile we currently have will be floated and the new tile installed on top. Less money, less mess, less headache. Win - win - win.

In turn, my original kitchen design is being flipped. Instead of doing a wooden kitchen with a white island, I am doing a white kitchen with a wooden island. So far, so good!

With all the wood in the space, I worried that the home will be too visually heavy and not bright enough. And I love me a bright, light, and airy space!

3D Plan for our new kitchen
3D Plan for our new kitchen

Tomorrow, the plan is to find backsplash tile and fireplace tile. I have to reselect door handles and pulls, because now the kitchen will be white. And I may have to rethink some of the lighting fixtures as well.

I almost feel like I have to go back to the drawing board and think about all the components all over again.

But even though I am not getting the kitchen of my dreams - let me tell you, I am still living in the home of my dreams, and the kitchen I design will also be gorgeous, even though it will be mostly white.

It's ok. I am grateful I get to design a kitchen at all! So I am happy with how we are doing this. On a budget, yes, but it's ok.

I will make it the best budget friendly kitchen ever. :)

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