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Interior Design Process that Works

How do interior designers create harmonious interiors each and every time?

What actually keeps me on track while creating interior design for the entire home?

There is definitely a common thread that will help guide the design process.

What is the secret to design process that professional designers use?

By now, if you are following my whole process with moving, planing, designing, you will notice that we have covered the initial parts of design development. I have measured (most of) the spaces, and I stumbled upon, fell in love with, purchased...a piece of furniture that will be my starting point for the entire home design.

Here it is in case you missed that blog.

The piece looked more baby blue in the store, but inside the home, it looks more aqua. It is possible that the color appearance will change once I paint the walls and add additional furniture in the space....but I am not concerned about that at the moment.

This is my starting point, and the inspiration behind the inspiration board!

I have been thinking long and hard about what to do with this home design-wise. We live in a traditional colonial, with lots of traditional features, like crown molding, fireplace, wood floors, architectural features. So how do I incorporate my love for clean lines and all things modern with this traditional home?

Since I found this beautiful nightstand/desk, it naturally set the stage for what the home is going to look like in the end. And based on this piece, I created my mood board. I love that the nightstand is up cycled - old, vintage, solid wood piece, refinished in a cool blue and white accent. It is SO ME!

Everyone has their way of how they do mood boards. I start with inspiration images. Things that look pretty, evoke a feel, pull at the heart and emotions. From here, I will look back to my mood board to help guide my final design. Every decision will be based on the mood board I created, this way, the home will be designed cohesively. I will look for colors, shapes, feel, patterns. This is what will help if I ever get stuck on an item or can't make a decision about which way I should go when it comes to choosing selections.

Based on the nightstand/desk I created this mood board, and this is what I want to achieve with my design:

I want to create a space that is comfortable, cozy, relaxed, yet still elegant. I will incorporate light colors, especially cool tones like blues and greens, neutral tones like browns and grays, and lots of natural textures and organic elements. This will help to create a cozy feel in the space. Clean lines will add a touch of modern feel, while incorporating interesting patterns inspired by vintage style desk will add character. This will also help create a story within the space. A mix of old and new will create a fun, unique, comfortable and inviting environment we can enjoy for years to come.

So here it is...a beginning of the design process. I am so excited to let this unfold, and I can't wait to start shopping for furniture and accessories!

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