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Kitchen Reno

Here is a cliche - Kitchen is the heart of the home. Would you agree? I certainly do.

Our kitchen takes up the biggest area of the house, which I love. I love it because we rarely eat out; we are a bit of health nuts and we like to cook and eat home pretty much every single meal.

Because of this, when we were looking for a home last summer, a spacious kitchen was on the top of the 'want' list.

This kitchen is a perfect size for us. My husband and I rarely bump into each other! Another thing I always loved was a window over a sink, plenty of storage, and a large island - all of which were on my 'wish' list.

Lets talk about the before and after.

When we first moved in, this kitchen was...well, smelly. Dirty. Dated.

Flooring was a total disaster. Cheap tiles with dirty grout that was impossible to clean. And believe me, I tried. Appliances were so old and dated, stinky, and not working well. I am not even going to tell you what was found behind the dishwasher and the fridge.

Let me share some pictures - as you know, pictures are worth a thousand words:

First day in our new house - kitchen as it was

This is exactly what the house looked like on the day we moved in. Although there are many windows in this house, the kitchen felt pretty dark.

We loved the space and the home immediately when we looked at the house. But we also knew that we'd make it our own once we moved in.

This was pretty exciting for me, because, well - I am a designer, and I love to remodel dated interiors into stunning spaces.

Since our budget was really low, we actually decided on refacing the cabinets. While they were super outdated, they are solid and in pristine condition.

Here is the post if you'd like to read about the day we began the project. If not - here is a nice visual of the demo day.

I did create a render of the space of my design - and here is the design idea of our new kitchen.

I always think it's important to design the look in 3D for a better visual.

Lets get to the stunning after photos:

I love this kitchen so much!

Here are more AFTER pictures:

Lets add some side by side Before and After shots:

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XO, Sonja

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