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Living Room Selections

When we first moved into this house, I almost immediately started thinking about our awkward living room and how to design the space.

This room has been the most challenging room to design so far - as I have quite a few permanent obstructions that I had to deal with and design around.

If you want to read about the weird space and unusual deep niche, read it here.

So now that you know what the problems are/were, you can imagine my dilemmas of how to create a space that is both beautiful AND functional.

And while the furniture I selected will work and will fit snugly, I will probably always wish the room was more symmetrical. Oh well.

It is what it is.

I have accepted this odd shaped living room.

The final furniture plan of the space was the best out of every possible layout I tried to make this room function differently.

And so....the furniture order has been placed. A whole truck load full of items for every room in the house. Woohoo! This makes me giddy inside!!

While I wait for the remodeling to begin and the furniture to arrive, I will be sharing my final design selections and room renders/concepts of the furniture we purchased for every room in the house.

Of course, once everything is delivered, walls painted, wallpaper hung, decorated and staged, I will be sharing actual photos of the before and after.

But for now, here is the original rendering and my initial idea of the space, and the images after show all the final furniture selections, paint, and wallpaper.

I fell in love with this wallpaper that represents woods, and I had to have it. Just a little accent behind the TV wall is all that this room needed. Although I originally wanted to have a built in entertainment area - unfortunately, this was out of the budget. I settled for a good compromise and really beautiful piece from Pottery Barn.

While the living room is a nice size, it is awkwardly shaped, which created numerous challenges. But no matter what, I wanted to have a sofa facing the fireplace, where we can relax, read a book, and enjoy the fire on cold winter days.

Also, since the space is small, this dark green was going to be a bit too dark, so I settled on a more subtle version of a sage green color.

So here are all the selections that have been purchased (minus accessories). The Pottery Barn entertainment unit fits perfectly in the TV nook! I love the chestnut color and the distressed look, plus, all the storage is magnificent.

I am getting our custom sofa from Rowe, rug and sconces are from Wayfair, and fiddle leaf fig trees from QVC (for under $60 each!) The comfy gray chairs are from Bob's Discount Furniture store, and the accent pieces (coffee table and side table) from Magnussen.

The paint is Benjamin Moore AF-455, Croquet

For the fireplace, I decided on limestone tile, installed vertically, since our ceilings are so low. I want to create an illusion of a taller ceiling, and these tiles will do just that. Not only they will be installed vertically, the veining is vertical as well. The limestone has a very smooth finish, which will be contrasted with a distressed textured wood mantle. An espresso finish will tie in all the dark accent furniture in the space. And finally, I will add an espresso molding to the raised hearth to tie in and contrast everything else.

So there you have it - this is my final design for our county living room space. I wanted warmth, cozy, relaxing feel, yet still beautiful. I think I achieved just that! I can't wait to have all the furniture installed and take actual photos of the space.

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