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Living Room Transformation

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

My favorite thing to do is a reveal of a space with a before and after photo.

Nothing says good design better than a polarizing image from original look to a well designed space.

Transformation photos really give clients a vision that their space can truly be designed and styled professionally to create a much better flow, look, and feel.

eDesign is usually solely done online. Which means I rarely meet a client or see their home in person.

But if a client lives nearby, I will most definitely meet them in person and see the project first hand. There is nothing like actually walking inside the home and design from a real perspective.

This is exactly what happened with my last client. This was a south Florida project - just prior to me moving to Watertown, CT.

So lets break this down:

The client's home lacked personality and it felt empty, even though there was some furniture. The client also had a tight budget for the space, so most of the money was spent on furniture and decor.

The place needed a new furniture plan, better furniture placement, cohesive design, and plenty of accessories to warm the home.

So let me first share the living room as it was before:

As you can see, the sofa, as nice as it is, is positioned wrong. The scale is wrong for the space, and the overall furniture arrangement doesn't work at all.

The client wanted to keep her rug, stools, and the gray/white/teal color scheme.

Also, as much as I wanted to add curtains and blinds, the client didn't want any window treatments. (insert a sad designer face here)

Keeping her needs in mind, I redesigned this living room to a much more functional space, with a better furniture layout, better size sofa, and I added much needed accessories and decorative items.

One of the greatest things I can add to a home when it comes to decor, are client's own photos, art, decorative sculptures, knick knacks, heirloom pieces, or any treasures found on travels that mean something special to a homeowner.

This particular client is quite the traveler, and she and her husband had a vast collection of amazing, original art. Some of it was older with outdated frames, while some pieces were still unframed in their original form.

We went to Hobby Lobby to frame every single item we wanted to display in the home, and these framed art pieces truly make her home special.

We also added some of her own decorative items, mixed with a few new finds from HomeGoods - my favorite decor store!

A little background to the client's likes and needs: She loves modern interiors, clean lines, soft curves, and uncluttered feel of the space. Perfect - this is exactly what I excel at!

Within her living room, we incorporated a gorgeous modern sectional from CB2.com, and a perfect size, style, and color coffee table from a local furniture store. We also used client's existing rug and decorative pillows to add in a pop of her favorite color, teal.

I styled the space with an adorable shell end table, plenty of accessories, tall vase with branches, tray, and more - all of which I found at HomeGoods.

Ready for the reveal?

Modern living room design with teal, white, and gray color

Modern living room design with teal, white, and gray color

Modern living room design with teal, white, and gray color

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