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Living Space With Blue Accents

It's funny how design evolves and changes as you start working on a space.

For this moodboard, I planned on using both greens and blue accents. But then I fell in love with this pretty accent chair - and decided that blue will be the 'main' color for this week's board.

This is my design philosophy: I like to pick one item that guides my design. For this board, it was this pretty chair with navy blooms. (I have a thing about navy lately, and blooms as well! If you don't know what I am talking about, check out this blog.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and when you click + purchase some of the items listed bellow, I may receive a small commission - at NO additional cost to you.

Once you find that one item that speaks to you, it's fairly easy to build your entire design based of that item. For me, I like to design with only a few colors, this helps make a design cohesive, harmonious, well balanced, and uncluttered visually.

This space has a nice transitional feel and if you noticed, there are certain design elements repeated in the selections. The clean border on a rug and curtains, a negative space on one of the pillows, and a clean line (made with nail heads) on the sofa. All these little things may not be noticeable immediately - and that is a good thing! But had I used a chevron pattern on the rug, and mixed it with ovals, stripes,'d notice that!

I also like to mix a little bit of patterns - large blooms on the accent chair, tiny dots on the table lamp, and a little bit of pattern on the pillow. Just a little variation goes a long way and the mix of design, scale, and texture gives you great design layers.

Design tip. When mixing patterns, make sure you mix small scale patterns with large scale and vise versa.

I added a navy art that is nature inspired to continue with the naturalistic feel of the chair.

OK - without further ado - if you want to know where I sourced all these items, here they are:

*Please note - this is merely a design idea and a visual board. These items may not work in your own space. Please make sure you measure your space to make sure these items will fit.

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XO, Sonja

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