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Long Empty Wall Solution

Oftentimes, long, giant, and empty wall give us the hives just thinking about how to decorate and style them.

Many people opt for gallery walls, which can be amazing, when done right.

When I mean 'right', I mean, uncluttered. Which is actually really easy to do.

But this is not what happened in this design solution.

My client had a vast collection of really unique, personal, and most of all, meaningful art. She has been collecting it for years and over time, she had pieces from every continent on the planet!

At our consultation on day one, she showed me her bellowed Japanese screen art that was supposed be styled on a long table or such.

But to me, the perfect place for that piece was on this one long, lonesome wall.

The size was perfect - both height and length, color was just right, and it had a hint of pretty gold tones. They fit in beautifully with the new sitting nook area, as we ended up using some fun brass tones in that space as well.

Without further ado, here is the 'before' shot:

See this giant wall? What would you do with this?

As a designer, I had to think about multiple things:

  1. This is an open floor plan living area

  2. I needed to add interest, height, color, and function

  3. Client likes a more minimal look, and no clutter

  4. We had a strict budget - so no major renovating was possible

My solution was to add a long, minimalist type bench from with storage (style and function), anchor the bench with two (faux - you know my love for faux by now, right?) tall plants, (also from and hang the Japanese screen above it.

We debated adding pillows on the bench, but the look just wasn't right for this entire space and for the client.

I created a rendering for my client so she could visualize the space finished before we proceeded with furniture and accessory order.

Here is the 3D rendering image: I love that I can produce a fairly realistic rendering of what the space will actually look like with furniture placement and art.

Take a look at the final design:

And here is the view of the entire open plan home and final design:

What do you think? I absolutely LOVE how this project turned out!

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