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Modern Farmhouse Living Room

I created this mood board based on the votes in my group. My style is not farmhouse, but I do love wood textures and warmth the style brings to the space. Add in a splash of modern, and I start loving it more and more.

For this week's mood board, I created a living room space. So if you are shopping for living room furniture inspired by a modern farmhouse style, this is perfect for you!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and when you click + purchase some of the items listed bellow, I may receive a small commission - at NO additional cost to you.

Without further ado, lets get straight to the items on this board:

This sofa is perfect for any space, really. You can dress it up or down, add a fun throw pillow or two, or three; a cute blanket, and you are done!

This is a Lulu and Georgia Becca coffee table. I love the wood and iron tone. Nothing screams more modern farmhouse than this!

Wall decor is a must in interior design. Without adding some interest on walls, the home can look quite dull. These windows are a perfect balance for this living room.

This chair is quite modern, but it really works in this space well! I think it looks so pretty and it looks quite comfy!

I think this modern end table is absolutely perfect for this living room design. The wood and metal tones, as well as cool, clean x lines make it contemporary while still warm.

Any farmhouse style decor would not be complete without a basket. These are great for styling books, storing pillow and throws, or a perfect place to put away kid's (or pet's) toys.

While I am not the type who uses a throw to cover up, I do like to use these as a decor item. They are a perfect decorative element that helps layer design and help create an interesting overall look.

Another favorite of mine are cowhide rugs, or anything hide, really. I love the natural variation of the leather texture, the pretty neutral colors, and all the cool patterns on pillows (and hide rugs) you can buy today. I love, love this pillow!

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a nice (faux) fiddle leaf tree. I love the volume on this tree, the greenery, of course, the texture and scale of leaves. It's an absolute must in any space, farmhouse or not!

Poufs are definitely gaining in popularity lately, and I can see why. They are cool looking, comfortable, add seating in a space, and can fill a void in a room with a pretty design, colors, and styles!

A rug is super important in any space. It anchors the space, add texture and softness, as well as a perfect opportunity to add a fun pattern!

I have always loved wood textures, and I use wood planks whenever I get a chance (and the design calls for it). Farmhouse style interior decor would not be the same without some wood. I love natural wood and I'd never paint it. These planks are even more amazing because they are reclaimed barn wood planks. Win!

This is a quintessential farmhouse style lamp. I love the modern line back plate, and a cool, vintage feel. Gorgeous!

There you have it! This is my Mood Board Monday post. You want me to blog about a style you love? Let me know! In the mean time....

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