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My Favorite Wall Decor Finds Under $160

Wall decor is vital when it comes to home design! When done right, wall decor can enhance any interior, add interest, textures, fun colors that compliment overall design, create a focal point. Overall, adding art, canvas, wall sculptures, or hangings add a design element that helps elevate your home design to new heights.

Think of it as jewelry for the home.

If you are wearing a cute dress, to style it better, you will add earrings, a purse, cute shoes, a necklace?

I look at wall decor the same way. A home is just not complete until you find that right piece for that empty wall.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and when you click + purchase some of the items listed bellow, I may receive a small commission - at NO additional cost to you.

I LOVE these wall boxes. These are three various size wall shelves and you can mount them any way you like. I like to buy a few of these and play with the placement on a wall. You can create a really interesting sculptural piece with them.

PRICE: $99.95 (a set of three, various size)

A photo below is how I placed a similar item on a big, empty wall to create interest. I also love how black finish pops against light walls.

I like unexpected items, and this cute bell would look so cute in a country home! Buy 3 and hang them in various lengths, or stagger them in the entry way - get creative!

ON SALE! $44.00

Here is another example of a cute sculptural wall decor. I love that these hold tealight candles. Use a few of these to create a pretty ambiance and a romantic feel!

ON SALE! ONLY $6.99 (a set of three)

I love geometric decor. It has a super modern feel, it is bold, interesting, and this one comes in a fairly nice size. Stack one on top of the other to give a long narrow wall interest. Use a fun color on the wall and make it pop with this gorgeous brass finish.

PRICE: $99.95

I believe in art. I think the right size and color can truly transform a wall and add that needed color or style to a room. Case in point - my own entry art. See how wall art complements the green door? If you can find an art that works well with your existing walls, pillows, throws, or any other element in your home - the whole room will suddenly feel totally complete.

I love the size of this piece - for me, bigger IS better when it comes to art. Just makes sure it is the right scale for the wall. (46X36)

ON SALE: $157.00

This must be my favorite find today. I LOVE it so much! My favorite color is blue, and green has been my obsession lately. I also love modern and abstract art, and this has it ALL!

PRICE: ONLY $82.00 (31.6" X 31.6")

This is a gorgeous shell mosaic would look so good in a dining room or living room! I love the blue and white shimmery color, large size (27"), and especially, the price!

ON SALE: $67.00

You often hear me talk about texture - and THIS is what I am talking about. I love the contrast of a smooth and texture design, three piece art that forms a single item. This has it all. Neutral tone, large scale, organic element, texture...I am in love!

ON SALE: $95.00

Alright - I know this is a copy of a well known trade vendor, but I do love these things! Are they stars, urchins, sun rays? No matter what they look like to you, these (if you buy at least 2 sets) can look incredible if styled correctly on a wall above bed, in the foyer, dining room - even on a ceiling! Imagination is your only limitation.

PRICE: $87.00 (for three)

Another thing you will notice if you follow me, I love nature inspired art and home decor. These gorgeous metal sculpture Monstera leaf is a good size, so it can make a nice impact. (28L x 5.5W x 26H)

PRICE: $110.00

Geometric shapes, especially in this honeycomb pattern are so cool. And totally trending! These are so great - it can be just a wall sculpture or a shelf. You can paint each shape a different color, of paint the wall behind it with a pop of color, add wallpaper, turn it sideways....there are so many options of how to style this and make it unique!

PRICE: $80.00

Yeah, you know me - I also have a thing about flowers. I love the feminine, gentleness of these. They'd look so cute in a little girl's bedroom - pop them against a pink wall for a pretty girly space. These are 8" wide, so if you have a large wall, a set of two at least will make the greatest impact.

PRICE: $50.00 (for three)

This is so cool! It is a mirror, metal sculpture, art, and it's gorgeous. Again, so many possibilities with this piece. I love this piece because you can make this art speak for you. How? Where do you want the arrows pointed? If you place it in your entry - do you place arrows towards the door? Or towards the living area? Do you hang this horizontally and point them upward or downward? What about if you go against the grain and stagger them in no particular order?

PRICE: $130.00

Distressed metal leaf branch, 20L x 1W x 32H. Since this piece has great height, it would look best on a narrow wall and let this one piece be the single piece on it. It has color and volume, height and texture. Pretty perfect, if you ask me!

PRICE: $60.00

I love, love this candle holder. It has a simple elegance to it, and it is not only a sculptural piece, it is also a candle holder. So pretty! I'd probably use at least two if placed far apart - almost instead of wall sconces, or three of these if you wanted to achieve a cool look on a wall.

PRICE: only $25.00

What would be a home without at least one pretty mirror on a wall? I love interesting frames on mirrors, and this one is quite beautiful. A good size too, at 30" overall.

PRICE: $130.00

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XO, Sonja

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