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Navy and White Dining Room

When an interior design puts a smile on your face - you know you created something special.

This dining room is that kind of room - happy, invigorating, sophisticated, elegant - yet still inviting.

This formal dining room is not as formal for us - we haven't yet purchased a breakfast table, so we eat every meal in this dining room. We love actually enjoying it daily, vs eating here only on 'special holidays'.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and when you click + purchase some of the items listed bellow, I may receive a small commission - at NO additional cost to you.

This dining room makes me feel joy, happiness, elation, love. I want to show you a little bit of how this entire design unfolded.

But let's first discuss what this room used to be. And instead of describing it, let me share the two photos I have taken on the day we bought the house and received our keys:

Here is the dark and dated formal dining room. This room had such potential!

Here is another picture of the 'before' space with a cute pineapple chandelier.

The good thing about this room is that crown molding, chair rail, and architectural panels are already installed. This will save time and money on the remodeling.

So let me first share my original design idea I created very early on when I started planning my interior design plan for this entire house.

I fell in love with this wallpaper early on, and it was the ONLY wallpaper I wanted to use. It went out of stock when I was about to purchase it, so I had to wait 2 months to receive it - but I waited because I couldn't (or didn't want to) find a substitute.

Side note and full disclosure: I have a fault, as a designer. I totally admit this. I usually get my mind set on something specific (design related), and it's actually hard for me to stray from that one idea. Not hard, in a sense of design - but hard, because I know that my first idea is the right idea, and I don't like to select new or substitute things in the design because one tiny substitute creates a chain reaction of changes.

Here is the dining room design, completed - with respect to having my rendering be my total inspiration and guide:

Links to products included at the end of each image.

FAUX FIDDLE LEAF TREE (Note, I created my own pot/moss look and I will share instructions to this in another post)

Furniture is from Magnussen furniture - you can probably find it at your local furniture showroom. Accessories and decor are from Home Goods and some that have been give to us by family members.

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