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Choose the Perfect Back-splash Tile, Every Time

Shouldn't backsplash actually be one word?

Here is my post on back splash tile in the kitchen - or even bathroom, for that matter.

This is the one topic that gets the most questions within my Facebook group - how do I choose the perfect backsplash tile for my kitchen?

Well, there isn't one simple answer, really, but I am going to give you some good guidelines to follow - so that you too can select that perfect, eye catching, conversation starting, spectacular back splash for your kitchen or bathroom.

Keep reading to see my own backsplash selection for our kitchen reno, and the all the reasons below why I chose it.

Side note: You can either select your counter top first, or back splash first - it doesn't' matter. But you need a starting point. Without one you can't choose the other.

For me, as long as the budget allows, I will always go for a simple countertop (shouldn't this also be one word???) - which to me, this means white quartz. I have purchased my countertops at exceptionally great prices at Home Depot, and this kitchen reno is no different.

With the current kitchen, the budget for the entire 77 sf of granite countertops was $5400. The quartz, (according to my kitchen guy) would cost me at least an additional $2000.

I was able to find a level A grade quartz that was a perfect complement to the tile I found for about $5800 at HD. I even looked at their higher end quartz - but luckily, the lowest grade quartz was the perfect white to match my backsplash tile.

Without further ado, here are my rules for picking out a perfect backsplash tile:


I say this, because too often, the most common back splash tile is simple, plain, white subway tile. I am not sure why I am so averse to subway tile, but maybe it's because it is something I see repeated over and over. To me, this is boring, to say the least.

If you are unsure of your design skills, and you don't know what else to choose, then ok - I give you permission to install the simple subway tile - BUT - under one condition: Please at least use a beveled tile, a subway tile in a larger format, OR - do a fun pattern instead!


Today's backsplash tile is so innovative! The styles, colors, shapes and selections are endless!!! If you are looking for something unique, why not choose a large format hexagon tile for dramatic effect, or something soft like a pretty arabesque mosaic?


The one place you should definitely splurge when it comes to renovation - is the back splash tile. You can get away with installing less expensive cabinets, find great deal on knobs, even find gorgeous discount light fixtures....

But backsplash tile is the one place where you should spend a little more to get the look you want. An average kitchen backsplash is about 30 square feet. And in comparison to the cost of the kitchen, the tile for back splash will not cost that much.

You can certainly purchase tile for $3.00 a foot - which adds up to $90. Yes, you will have to have it installed which is an additional cost - but no matter what tile you choose, this installation cost will be there. So even if you double the budget allowance for backsplash, you are looking at $180.00, and you are already in a different design and style bracket.

Determine how much you can realistically spend - and go for it. Find something unique, something that will make a WOW statement in your kitchen!


As I just mentioned - your backsplash should be stunning. So many people today use white kitchen cabinets, and white color is so easy to accessorize as everything will pop against it. You can definitely go bold, add some color, and create a really cool contrast to your cabinets with your fun backsplash.


I like the simplicity of quartz' uniform color so that I can make my backsplash interesting, fun, and unique. It's easy to pull of any kind of tile with the clean look of quartz. That is why I love quartz - with it, my backsplash can be the star of the show! (I mean, kitchen).


Add a splash of color to your backsplash. If your cabinets are white, find another common color denominator within your space, and add the same accent color in your kitchen. Then add a few more kitchen accessories to pull in a bit more of that same tone, and your space will look gorgeous!


If you don't have the budget to splurge for the entire backsplash, then use a simple, clean tile, and add a spectacular accent tile above your range. That can be one of the most beautiful focal points in the kitchen, and for just a little extra money, your kitchen can look incredible!


I ALWAYS match colors to my cabinets - or countertops. Here is my example of how to match color of your cabinet. Simply bring your door sample - or color chip to the tile store, and find a tile that is a close match to the door color. Color similarity will pull the look of the kitchen together, and will create a harmonious, gorgeous look that will look professionally designed.


When picking and selecting samples - bring them out to the daylight, and preferably, bring them inside your home. Various lights can change how color appear, so make sure you check out samples in your space before you commit to the purchase!

And finally - remember my most important rule: If you have installed granite or another natural stone, chances are your countertops are really busy. With a natural color and pattern variation of the stone, you have to be careful with your backsplash selection.

  1. If you have a high end, exotic stone countertops, calm down the busy pattern with a large scale tile in a simple, yet similar color to your stone. You can offset it with a bright white if your stone is dark.

  2. Don't mix another busy mosaic pattern backsplash with a busy countertop pattern. Think contrast with size, busy contertop - offset with large, simple backsplash - and vise versa.

And there you have it! My design rules to choosing a perfect backsplash tile!

Do you have a design question or dilemma? Join my free facebook group and get free professional advice.

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