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Space planning dilemma

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Many of us live in awkward spaces. There is usually at least one space in your home that you just don't know what to do with.

Designer to the rescue!

My last client was facing a similar issue. She lives in an open floor plan home, and her corner space was just 'slightly' awkward. They placed their large screen TV in the corner, while sofa to watch TV was extremely far away.

The home is a medium size, so she only needed one dining room, while the home was designed for two dining spaces! (eye roll)

At our consultation we discussed design for the living room space, a weirdly shaped corner (where the dining room was supposed to be), and a long, empty wall she didn't know what to do with.

If you read my last post, you will see the incredible and stylish transformation of the living room. Missed out on it? Check it here:

So today, I am going to reveal one of my favorite designs I did.

This particular client's style is very contemporary, she likes unique shapes, unusual furniture, and bold items.

The color scheme of the home was gray, teal, (her favorite color), and white. She wanted to keep all these colors and design with them - while also keeping a some decorative pillows, rug, and a few chairs.

Let me first share the space with a before picture:

As you can see, this large TV feels a bit awkward on that wall. The storage credenza is placed there just because the homeowners didn't know where else to put it, and a client's own gorgeous Japanese art piece, which gets totally lost in the space.

The client wanted a space where she can relax, read, and unwind in comfort, luxury, and style.

I stumbled upon an amazing lounge from cb2.com - did I mention this is usually my go-to place for modern furniture? I shop there a lot, and it is definitely one of my favorite stores. Their furniture is unique, stunning, excellent quality, and their customer service is outstanding!

So for this space, their peacock lounge chair was exactly the right shade of teal, the perfect and unique shape that I knew my client would love, and the size was ideal.

I added a stunning Tibetan sheep skin rug from eLuxury Home, a beautiful capiz floor lamp from cb2.com, client's own art which we framed at Hobby Lobby, and accessories, end table, and decor I found at HomeGoods.

If you look closely, you will notice a basket on the floor where I placed books - but the basket's decorative tassel is identical color of the lounge chair. I knew right then that it would be just perfect for that corner.

Design secret: my little secret to creating a cohesive and well designed interiors - I always, always try to find similar or very close colors that almost match. In this case tassel and sofa, PLUS peacock feathers which the sofa was named after - this helps eye relax and the design feels harmonious!)

I also found a gorgeous floor vase at HomeGoods, where I added two actual peacock feathers to add height, style, and interest. Perfect compliment to the sofa!!

Ready for the stunning, stylish, modern and feminine reveal?

Teal peacock sofa from cb2.com, tibetan sheepskin rug, peacock feather decor, capiz lamp, and homegoods accessories

Teal peacock sofa from cb2.com, tibetan sheepskin rug, peacock feather decor, capiz lamp, and homegoods accessories

Teal peacock sofa from cb2.com, tibetan sheepskin rug, peacock feather decor, capiz lamp, and homegoods accessories

Capiz floor lamp from cb2.com

Accessories from client's own home and a shell sculpture I found at HomeGoods

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