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The Reno Has Officially begun

The renovation is officially underway!

Is it too late to turn back now?

Ha! In all my remodels - I never actually 'lived' through a renovation. This is our first time roughing it inside the home - during a full remodel and construction.

Lemme tell you...this is as hard as going camping!

Kitchen renovation
The kitchen cabinets are getting a face lift. Since the cabinets are in excellent condition and of a great quality, all we need is a refresh.

I kid you not - my husband and I both LOVE a clean, neat house. And the mess inside makes both of us nervous. My husband especially - he is a neat freak, to say it mildly, and living inside a reno is really worse than a scratching a nail on a board. UGH.

For me, as hard as it is - see the photos - I keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as my vision is coming together one tile and one item at a time.

These are exciting times. And, this is the first time I am designing a home for US to actually live in.

I have been planning this remodel and design for a few months now, practically since the day we moved in! I started with some basic design ideas, a few 3D renderings and sketches, carefully crafting out my designs for each and every room of the house. To see it all unfold in front of my own eyes is extremely satisfying.

I am known to jump up and down like a little girl with excitement and joy as things come together! I am really giddy and so happy seeing the beauty of this house come alive!

And all this beats the uncomfortable, messy, and unorganized living situation we are in right now.

So you want to know how I am doing on my (very tight) budget?

Well, since you asked - so far, so good. I am still under budget, but we still haven't finalized the flooring yet.

We have plastic all over the place. We are confined to the dining room and my office, essentially. It's a little rough!

I really truly hope to do this today, and get this on the books and on schedule.

And that, my friends, will be my final selection and order for this home.

So there you have it.

After months of planning, ordering, interviewing multiple trades, finding and hiring the right people for the job, we are in the midst of it all as we speak.

This also means the beginning of the end.

And soon, the home will be ready for a close up.

THAT will be my favorite day.

Follow me on FB, my design group, or IG to see the full remodel unfold, day by day.

XO, Sonja

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