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This is My Husband's Bedroom

Yup, you read this right. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms. Do we hate each-other's company? Do we just not get along? Are we totally miserable together - so much that we have resorted to sleeping in different bedrooms?

None of the above.

We madly, deeply, crazily love each other.

The sleeping arrangement has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with romance.

My hubby is extremely sensitive to cold. And when I say cold - for him 50's is still winter weather, while to me, the 50's almost feels like summer.

My hubby sleeps with TWO comforters and heat blasting - while I sleep with a blanket and open window in the dead of the winter.

The decision of separate rooms was made mostly based on such extreme difference in temperature.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and when you click + purchase some of the items listed bellow, I may receive a small commission - at NO additional cost to you.

Today I am discussing my hubby's bedroom. It's not a man cave. I call it King's Wing, with the blue chair that we call King's Throne. He is definitely the king of this castle.

His bedroom is the biggest room in the house, and the room faces East, South, and West. It's a really nice size room - quite long, actually. I needed to make it masculine, interesting, designy, and also, comfy and cozy.

Comfort is the theme throughout the entire house, actually!

Check out the Before photo:

Our home design has a lot of organic and nature inspired elements. All the wood tones, natural textures and materials really help create a comfort in the home. You can see all the pics here.

Master bedroom had to be cozy and cool. We selected the king bed and end tables as well as a dresser from Magnussen. You can check their website to see which retailer carries the brand in your area.

Once the main items were selected, I needed to spicy things up a bit. Wallpaper was a must for this room, and I searched every single book I know to find the one I loved. I fell in love with this paper immediately, because of the contrast between light and dark, a cool and masculine feel, a curved pattern, and the colors of the paper were perfect and would work beautifully with the bed.

The reason I wanted a curved pattern in the wallpaper is because the bed itself has a soft curve in it, and I wanted the repetition of elements in the space. This helps feel the room harmonious.

Once I had selected the wallpaper, I needed to find the right chandelier. I found this one fairly quickly, and I had known instantly that it was the one. WHY? Again, look at the shape, finish, and the interesting pattern of the metal - it mimic the wallpaper pattern so well and it creates even more balance, without being super obvious or matchy-matchy.

Since we lack storage, a bed bench with storage was a must. I wanted to find a cool trunk, because I wanted something strong and masculine. I ended up finding the most amazing deal on these trunks. (I purchased two) They are faux leather, they each have drawers, and they look incredibly cool in the space. Perfect solution for a really good price!

Next was a rug - we needed the rug - I think every bedroom needs it. The rug help anchor a bed, provide texture, color, pattern - and a soft feel on those toes in the middle of the night. I found my amazing rug here:

Since the room is quite long, and I know my hubby likes to lounge and enjoy the view from his windows, we also ordered a comfy chair with ottoman. This chair is trade-only custom made with a custom fabric. If you'd like to purchase this chair - please let me know and I can help.

We also needed blackout curtains, and I found really pretty faux linen curtains from an online store. Their price was great and they sent me many samples of the fabric before I selected the one I liked.

Finally - decorative accessories. I always like to shop for mirrors and decor in my local home decor shops and antique stores. I found the dresser mirror, lamps, and other decorative items in Home Goods.

While this is not the same table lamp - it varies only in a finish of the wood.

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