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Trust me, I am a designer!

As a designer, do I really know it all?

At least when it comes to interior design???

Let's get something straight. I do not know it all when it comes to design. Not even a little! But as they say - it's not what you know, but who you know to ask!

I have been known to call on advice, help, and suggestions from my colleagues, trades people, and anyone else with experience in home remodeling/design/reno business. Because when two or more people put heads together, we can usually come up with a pretty good answer and solution to the problem we face.

But on the other hand, as a designer, I do know a lot about what works, what looks good, and what will function well in a space.

My point is, if you make an incredible decision to work with an interior designer - and you find that perfect match with your chosen designer, you also love working with him or her, AND you absolutely LOVE their interior design style, go ahead and let go of the reins, at least somewhat. Designers (most of us) really do care about you and your home and the overall design and function of your space.

We want YOU to be happy in your home and we will design it FOR you, within your style, and your budget.

I noticed that many clients are often stuck in their era of space, and they have a hard time visualizing something completely different from what they are used to. For example, adding a large piece of furniture in a room that used to be empty can be a bit of a shock to the visual at first.

Or more specifically, adding a tall, over sized headboard to a bedroom that hasn't seen a headboard in years...Case in point, this bedroom here is lacking style, character, and personality is pretty much non existent. Not to mention outdated orange wood, mixed with lavender walls, and a hodge podge of colors and patterns on the coverlet. Time to design this space to a sophisticated, modern and relaxing bedroom!

Bedroom Before
The bedroom before

Even though I provide my clients with multiple visual representations of what the space will look like, they still sometimes can't envision the entire design of the space.

But this is why I like to remind my clients that they hired me because of my professional skill and expertise. If they can't visualize the bed in the room - that is perfectly normal and totally ok. Because I can. And I KNOW if the entire design as envisioned by me will look absolutely gorgeous in the end.

Master Bedroom eDesign Rendering
Master Bedroom eDesign Rendering

So yes, please let go of the reigns. Trust the design process. Trust the skill and diligence. Trust the experience.

And most of all, trust me, I am a designer!


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