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Why is Furniture Placement So Hard???

I have talked about this before - the biggest struggle homeowners face in interior design, is always furniture size and placement.

So why is furniture layout so incredibly hard?

Why is it that even though people measure and tape down furniture sizes, they still end up with wrong furniture?

Furniture layout and design hand rendering, neutral tones, large living room with fireplace and custom storage
Furniture layout and design rendering

I don't want to sound blunt, but here it is: Lack of experience and technical skill, and a lack of 3D vision.

So what makes a designer so different?

Why can we come up with a perfect size and furniture layout solution each and every time?

Well, we have technical skill, an excellent 20/20 3D vision, and of course, experience in knowing how things will look when the design is finished.

When I say technical skill, I mean drafting skill. Whether it is computer or hand drafting, scaling furniture in the space on a 2D plan is vital for the success of the furniture layout, not to mention calculating all clearances, distance from one obstruction to the other, and planning out that absolute perfect size furniture that will work best in the space.

May I say, I am an expert in planning out furniture layouts. I love it! And it's something I can whip out within minutes! Yes, minutes!

Did you know I offer a furniture layout package for an incredibly affordable price for ONLY $59.00!

Interior Furniture plan, furniture placement
Full house furniture plan

Can you imagine taking the guessing out and receive exact furniture size that will work BEST in your space? All you need to do is purchase items within the allotted size, and your space will function perfectly!!! All you need to do is provide me with room measurement, and I will take care of the plan.

Furniture plan with optimal sizes and dimensions for a guest bedroom
Furniture plan with optimal sizes and dimensions for a guest bedroom

What you receive with this package:

  • A full, optimal furniture layout for your space, based on your needs 

  • This included rug size, accent table, chair

  • Optimal furniture sizes (width, length, height) for your space  This will help cut down on purchasing errors and will simplify your buying process. You will know exactly the size of furniture to buy and where to place it

What are you waiting for? $59.00 is a drop in the bucket when you know that you will spend hundreds or thousands on your entire furniture - but with my help, you WILL purchase PERFECT size furniture for your space, the first time. How amazing is that???

You like this idea? Me too! Go ahead, and splurge. Hire a designer, me! Let me help you solve your biggest design problem!

Click here to purchase, or call or email with any questions.

Furniture layout for a large living room with rug size, sectional sofa, large entertainment unit, console
Furniture layout for a large living room

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