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You Should Hire a Virtual Design Assistant!

Many interior designers hire assistants to help them run their business smoothly. Usually, designers are too busy to draft their own plans, or lack knowledge or software to create renderings for client’s presentations.

A picture is worth a thousand word!

Many of my own clients fall into one of these categories - they are running around managing multiple projects and just don’t have time to sit down at the computer to create plans and renders for construction or clients. Some of my designer clients have never learned how to draft or use a render program, and they have no intention of learning it. And that’s ok!

Luckily today, much of the work (and I am not just talking about interior design), is done virtually! Who would have thought - but the technology of today truly makes my job as good as if I had actually been sitting in an office and worked side by side with my co-workers.

All of my clients send me their hand drawings, project photos, CAD or Sketchup files, and I use those documents to work from. Communication is key, however. I like to text, Facebook message, email, and call my designer clients to get clear on some of the things I need to understand better. Sometimes handwriting is blurry when plans are printed out, or not legible enough for me to understand.

Other times, when the work has already been laid out in AutoCad or Chief Architect or even Sketchup, I will use a screen share with my clients to go over some final details. I absolutely love doing that because then the work feels like a true collaboration. Even better, my client can actually control my screen and point with their mouse exactly of what he or she wants me to fix, move, edit, or remove. It’s pretty amazing - and this particular technology has really made my work better and more personal!

Why hiring a Virtual Design Assistant is GOOD for your business?

  • PAY AS YOU GO. Pay only for the time your VA is working on, nothing more, nothing less.

  • NO PAYROLL TAXES. Since I work independently, you are paying for an hourly service only, and you don’t have to even think about employee taxes, benefits, or health insurance.

  • NO VACATION/SICK DAYS. You also don’t have to worry about paying for vacation or sick days for a VA!

  • HOURLY CONTRACT. You can hire your VA on a need basis. Sometimes the work is only a few hours, and some of my clients continue working with me for months at a time. There is no obligation to buy a multiple hour block of time (other then the initial agreement and retainer to hire).

  • EXPERIENCE. When you hire a VA, you can check reviews, resume, portfolio, and rest assured that you are hiring a qualified drafter and/or renderer. I have almost 6 years experience in the design field, and have produced any drawing you can imagine.

  • REFERRALS. I can provide you referrals upon request, so that you can rest assured that you will be hiring a reputable, hard working, and respected Virtual Assistant.

  • MORE THAN JUST DRAFTING OR RENDERING. While the bulk of my work is drafting, many of my designer clients also hire me to help them with design, product sourcing, virtual presentations, product inquiries, and more. I have an excellent knowledge of trade vendors and sources, and multiple of my own accounts I can access and obtain pricing for.

  • NO OBLIGATION. When you hire an employee, that employee expects a certain amount of weekly hours and a pay accordingly. With a VA, you can hire me according to your business' needs. If your business has a slow period, you don’t have to worry about losing a good employee. When your business picks up and you are ready to move forward with a new project - I will still be here at your service.

If you had been thinking about hiring a virtual design assistant with experience in design field, excellent working knowledge of multiple programs including AutoCad, Chief Architect, Photoshop, Sketchup, then maybe it’s time you give it a go!

I am always taking on new clients, and I can be reached at: 959-209-4523, or email:

Let me take a burden of your business so you can focus on design, project management, marketing, and more. I can easily take over your drafting, product sourcing, rendering, concept boards, designing, and presentations - just let me know what you need, and I can handle it!

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