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Best One Stop Shop for Home Design And Decor?

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

We all like to do a one stop shop for all our grocery needs. But who knew you can actually shop ENTIRE rooms on one online store?

Yes, there are furniture stores out there where you can do the same, but then your home looks like, well, a furniture store!

The beauty of this one spectacular design and decor source is that you can mix and match incredible items, and pull together a gorgeous and unique look, tailored to you!

Best of all - most of these items are so well priced, you will still be able to throw a party at your home to show off your room design to your friends.

Wanna dive in?

P.S. This turned out to be one of my favorite designs ever.

I think we can all agree, Target is pretty amazing. I love shopping there, and they have some really, really cool furniture and home accessories. Because I love Target so much, I decided to write a blog about how you can furnish and decorate your entire room (or home) just by going to target or target.com.

Did I just create a massive challenge for myself? Lets see what kind of room I can come up and design just with target finds.

2 days later - make that 4!!... and numerous pages clicked and saved, and this is my design idea and solution for a living room. If your style is modern/eclectic/glam - this is for you! And if you like green and gold and a bit of pink - then keep on scrolling!

PS. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that a click + purchase will result in a small commission for me, at no cost to you. 

Below, you will find these you see in this rendering, PLUS a few more amazing furniture and decor pieces I found along the way, so you too, can furnish your entire home with style, just by going on ONE single website!

Here is the list of items, and explanation of why I love them.

This super adorable poof! Full of personality, style, texture, and pattern. Add it as an accent stool, or use it to fill in empty corner or area for a fab accessory.

This stunning and modern chandelier gives a modern, glamorous feel.

I found this gorgeous green sofa. I love the rich green, modern silhouette, and clean lines. Tufted back is perfect addition to make this sofa stand out! It also comes in gray!

Style your room with two simple, yet stunning end tables, right next to the sofa! Extra shelves give an opportunity for styling and decor, plus storage, of course!

I love this rug! It perfectly compliments the entire room and all the colors tie into the overall design. Rugs are super important to add whenever you get a chance. They anchor a room, add softness, pattern, and color. Plus, they help absorb the sound! Good for acoustics!

This cute decorative tray has just the right shade of pink. Use it as an accent on coffee or end table. Add a couple of candles, a vase with flowers, and a decorative object, and you are done - and you have a perfectly styled tray.

Pink and Gold accent tray from Target

Decorative objects are so important. If you have some laying around from your travels, those are the ones you should use. If not, opt for some cool, interesting shapes, various sized, different finishes - so that your table and/or tray looks really fabulous.

I love this candle holder. I love the dark metal, worn out finish, a cool shape, and the graphic feel. Put one or two on a stack of books - that will elevate them slightly.

Flowers - you can NEVER go wrong with a stunning, full and voluminous bouquet. Any color will do, but in this space, I chose pink as accent color - so pink cherry blossoms were the winner here!

You will  often notice decorative books in any professional styled home. They are an amazing filler, they add height, texture, color, pattern, interest....you simply can't go wrong adding this to your home decor. I like to go for a neutral tone, but you can dress any book you own in any color you want. Just use newspaper, wrapping paper, decorative paper - and add instant and inexpensive style to your home decor.

I love this candle holder. Just beautiful - with a stunning finish and such a cool and unique shape that so beautifully complements the coffee table. Put this on the dining table, coffee or end table, and light them up!

Brass multi candle holder, Target

Since I am using pink, gold, and green as my main colors, this framed set is a perfect and complimentary accessory to this space.

Set of two wall art frames, pink and green, Target

If you follow me, you have seen me talk about geodes - I love natural and organic art, and this wall art is just gorgeous. LOVE it!

Gold, Gray, and White Geode art framed, Target

Pillows - a perfect accessory for any space. Use these and go bold. Find a cool pattern, fun color, pretty texture, and add them on sofa, chairs, bed. It's instant fun - and you can easily swap them out with seasons or trend changes.

Black, Gold, White Pillow

Gold, Black, and White geometric pillow, Target

Blush Pink Pillow

Blush Pink Pillow, Target

Gold and white pillow

White and gold geometric pillow, Target

Bolster Pillow

White and gray bolster pillow, Target

Since we are talking about a modern and glamorous space - these fit the bill perfectly. They are modern, perfect neutral color, and very glam - they bring a definite feminine feel into the space - and that is totally ok.

This stunning accent chair!!!

Glam side, accent chair, Target, beige

I found this accent chair that I also love - it was an early contender for the finished look, but the one above it was a clear winner! Don't you agree?

Another thing you will hear me talk about is indoor plants. Use them as decorative items, fillers, and accessories whenever you can. I like bushy plants, like this one. This particular one is also a medium size, so in this space, I put it up on a plant stand, but it can easily sit on the floor. Add a nice planter and you are done.

Faux tall bushy indoor plant, Target

Black planter, Targer

I used this particular end table as a plant stand, but you can use this as end or accent table as well.

Side, end table, plant stand, gold and white, Target

Here is another accent chair I love, but it didn't fit well in this space. Pretty, though!

Pale gray accent chair with tufting, Target

When I was looking for a coffee table, I stumbled upon this one, and I think it works great in the space. Glam, contemporary, fabulous...but the one below fit the overall design better.

Glam, lucite, gold and glass coffee table, Target

This table is really  cool. Love the base, the dark top, and the brass finish. This coffee table has a masculine feel, which works great in this space as it balances out the feminine touches.

Wood and brass coffee table, Target

Here is another very simple, yet stunning accent table.

Simple, small white and gold accent table, Target

This particular piece is insanely gorgeous. Small enough to fit a small space, and perfect to use as a book storage, and excellent to add various decorative items and make it really stand out.

Narrow brass book shelf and storage, accent table, Target

This woven basket is so pretty, and it comes in two sizes. I did not use it in the space, but wanted to share it just because. Add a pretty throw, a few pillows, a magazine, and you have a storage basket near your sofa, bed, or chair.

Here is another slightly bohemian lamp. I fell in love with this as well, as it has a gorgeous shape, natural finish, and a great pattern.

This peacock chair! Need I say more?

Counter stool, Target

Another cute, cozy and soft, knit pillow. Yum.

White cozy pillow, Target

I've had my eye on this pineapple lamp since I first spotted it. I think it is so pretty!!

Pineapple table lamp with gold and white shade, glass, Target

But in the space I designed, I wanted a table lamp that will pop a bit next to the sofa and wallpaper. This one does the trick.

Last but not least, this gold wallpaper. I used this particular one in the rendering because of the softness - color and pattern. I think it works perfectly with the entire design.

Here you go - this entire room design was sourced from Target.com. Pretty amazing, and seriously, their stuff is quite gorgeous. Who knew??

If you need help with design, I can help you as well! Check out my website for more on how eDesign works and to get your project started!

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