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I admit it, even I get overwhelmed with design!

Do you think that interior design comes easy to us, professionals?

Let me share a little secret with you, even we get stressed with design process!

Designing the whole house from top to bottom, making sure that the final design is going to be magazine worthy, stresses me out!

Interior design is a tough job, it really is, and I am breaking this down for you.

There is so much to do when it comes to designing a home and so many decisions to make. I have to figure out flooring, wall color, cabinet finish, bathroom tile, fixtures, wallpaper, furniture, accessories...Aye! It's a lot - and even though things always end up looking beautiful, let me tell you - I stress myself out, especially when I making big ticket decisions.

Check out the house we moved in - almost everything needs to be remodeled!!

Another secret I want to share is that I often second guess my design choices. Not as much as I used to, but it still happens. I never waver though. I always stick to my gut, and my first decision is always the one I end up going with.

If I find something that grabs my heart and emotions immediately, I know that I had made the right design call. I call this my design gut reaction. It is usually really strong, and I know immediately that 'this is it'...But still, later on I will think about it, stress over it, mull it over and over, explain to my husband about the concerns I have, and share doubts in my design skills. I re-measure, re-imagine, try to envision the whole thing over and over and with all this, I  often drive my poor hubby crazy!

If you are reading this and you are remodeling, designing, you are a seasoned design amateur, or even a professional - just so you know: this. is. normal.

We all go through this, even the best of us!

I have to remind myself that I know what I am doing. I have to tell myself to take it one step at a time. And I remind myself that I am good at design. A little pep talk goes a long way!

So I will follow this advice I will give to you: Start with a vision and a mood board. You have to start somewhere. Whether that is a color, finish, pattern, mood - when you find that one item, let THAT item take you on a design journey. Let that item guide every design decision you make. Always fall back on that one piece...and your design will unfold organically and beautifully.

For me, even though I purchased my nightstand/desk, I still have to figure out the look/color/design for my entire downstairs living area.

Because the house plan is semi open, I decided NOT to make ANY design decisions about the look downstairs BEFORE I order kitchen cabinets and tile.

For me, that will be the guide in how the rest of the house design will unfold. I will STILL follow my mood board, and I already KNOW I want a dark, moody brown/gray finish on the cabinets, do a transitional door style, and do a light countertop. I haven't gotten to the tile style yet. I also want to do a navy and white dining room, which will be truly complementary to the deep brown cabinet finish in the kitchen.

Design is challenging. It is hard to make a home really beautiful. I do believe it takes skill, knowledge, and experience to create a home of your dreams. So if you struggle, you can always call on a designer to help you finalize your home design.

Sometimes all you need is a little push, a little design tip, and some design expertise.

My eDesign program is perfect for anyone who feels stuck. Whether in design, or within their home. If you need help styling or with space planning, or finding perfect furniture pieces to fill your space, let me know if I can help.

My prices are affordable, my design custom and totally personalized for your taste and your budget, AND you can move with purchases of suggested furniture at your own pace! What could be better than that?

Interested? Fill out my design form and lets get started!

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