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Affordable, Incredible Wall Decor for Any design style!

All these wall decor items are all under $150.00! How awesome is that?

Without wall decor, your home will feel unfinished. Make sure you choose some unique decorative pieces to style your walls!

Here are my top wall art finds - I love each and every item on this list.

I like writing posts about decor - because decorating and styling your home truly brings all the large furniture pieces together. Decor is super important when you are trying to create a home with personality and style, and without it, your home can feel empty and incomplete.

As you will notice -  I LOVE organic shapes, nature inspired, and dimensional art. I also love neutral tones, and I almost always gravitate towards cool tones! You will find greens, blues, and lots of neutral art here! When choosing my art pieces, I also love to go for unusual, unexpected pieces that will be total conversation starters.

One thing you won't find here  or in any of my designs, are any word type art displays. Sayings like 'Gather', 'Farmhouse', 'Family', 'Home', and similar - are trendy displays that seem boring and dull to me. I always opt for styles that are classic, and can last more than a trendy season.

The first thing you should do when it comes to decorating, is shop your home for picture frames, heirloom items, cool hand me downs, or amazing finds from your vacations and travels. Then - fill the rest with some cool finds you find online or in stores.

Today, I will be sharing some AHHHHMAZING wall decor finds, all under $150!!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that a click + purchase will result in a small commission for me, at no cost to you. 

How can you go wrong with this shadow box coral display? I love the organic feel, contemporary frame, and neutral tones. Gorgeous!

Coral Shadow Box

I have a thing for natural stone, geodes, marble, or anything with organic movement. I love this so much. I think it is probably one of my favorite art pieces on this blog. The multi color print is so perfect to add to almost any decor, in almost any room!

Geode Art piece

Here is another coral inspired piece. Love the contrast between blue, white and black - it has a contemporary feel and it is simply elegant and stunning.

White coral on navy background with white frame.

Another favorite - and this is my latest obsession - is anything fern and botanical. Why do I love these so much??? Again, natural element, organic shape, and just stunning in a set of three!

Fern wall art, set of three

Juju Hats - yes, they have been around for awhile, but a piece like this, in a large scale such as the one here - is so stunning over the headboard! I love the feathers, the color, the movement. Stunning!

Juju Hat, large, blue

These contemporary monstera leaves are so beautiful. I would use three of these in random heights on a wall. So pretty!

Monstera leaves three dimensional wall art

OK - this gigantic basket is just beyond! It has just enough texture, nice, large scale, and a contemporary black and white finish. Pair this with a voluminous plant on the floor, or add a console table below and add a few accessories. But this beauty can stand on it's own - anywhere!

Giant woven black and white basket, wall decor

Yes - the plants. Again. I can't help it. You just can't go wrong with using them in your home decor, and I love this on a wall! The texture of this succulent box is just so pretty to look at. I would buy four of these and make a 'gallery' wall with them. Just beautiful!

Succulent art in a wooden box, 3D

Let's talk dimensional art. These are so soft, so pretty, and so feminine. They would look gorgeous in a girl's bedroom, and I would add at least one more - if not two more sets, and create a really interesting wall display. I love 3D art. It is just so much more interesting than regular canvas. Don't get me wrong - canvas art is just as beautiful, but mixing a variety of styles makes for a more interesting look and feel!

Feminine 3D wall art, Flowers, White

Here is another 3D wall art display. So pretty!!

Wooden box 3D art display

And when you are tired of squared and rectangles, then go for something really interesting, like this! This is another example of how unexpected pieces can make a very interesting statement. This faux gazelle horns will work in any decor, and in any room in your house!

Faux gazelle horns wall art

LOVE this metal sculpture! It is so pretty, it has an organic element to it, some clean lines, and such cool texture.

3D metal sculpture

Her is another nature inspired metal leaf. Large enough to make a statement, and yet not overpowering. Again, bundle a few of these on a large wall, or use a single one on a smaller wall - or even behind a nightstand. 

Single monstera leaf, wall decor, metal art

Here is another dimensional piece, and feathers are just so soft and feminine, light and airy. Use these when trying to achieve a relaxing, cozy feel in a room.

Feather wall art

What a beautiful art piece/sculpture! Lotus leaf with a three dimensional and embossed metal. Perfect for bedroom or your yoga room!

Metal embossed lotus leaf wall art

Another one of my favorite materials is wood. And here, the mixture of wood species, in a parquet type display, is so pretty. This item would work beautifully in a room where you need a little warmth, a little texture, and a simple pattern. Use three in a row, or four in a gallery display!

Multi color wood species wall decor

This wood carving just reminds me of lace. Stunning above a bed, or even a living room wall! Best to put on a dark wall to create a stunning contrast!

Wood carved white wall decor

Stone art - love, love, love. Classic, beautiful, elegant. This single neutral agate stone framed art will work in any room - on any wall, in any decor.

Brown tone geode wall art, single

And a similar wall art piece with agate stone and one of my all time favorite colors - blue.

Blue agate stone art, set of three

Although I love dimensional art - I have nothing against a cool canvas print! I love this because it has such a cool graphic print. Modern and contemporary. LOVE!

Geometric canvas art, blue, gold, white

I love this next peace for it's tranquility, simplicity, and style. Black and white print with a neutral, slim frame.

Black and white ocean scene, wall art, canvas

Here is another stunning navy and silver burst on canvas piece. Love simplicity of this!

Navy blue and silver sunburst canvas, wall art

If you are struggling with art placement, home decor, and interior design - I can help you! If you think you can't afford an interior designer, think again. I offer extremely affordable design packages, and deliver customized, personalized, and professional designs within days or a few weeks! Let me help you design a home (or a room) of your dreams!

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