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Would You Rather Be Unique or Basic?

Let's play a game:

Imagine a neighborhood where each and every home is identically designed and inspired by Joanna Gaines's style. White subway tile, lots of wood finishes, sage plant, fiddle leaf tree, wrought iron chandelier, shiplap on every wall.

Would you rather:

A: Have a chance to buy your dream house there, and your only design option is that your home will look just like every home in the neighborhood.

Farmhouse style home


B: Your other option is to purchase more of a fixer upper, and have unlimited budget to hire an interior designer, and let them design a home UNIQUE to you and your style.

Guest Bedroom design and remodel, pink and gray walls, blush accessories, feminine and glam
Interior Design Tailored to YOU!

Which would you choose?

I really, really hope you chose plan B!

I often wonder why people like to copy other people's designs? I understand an appeal of a trend, repeating something that looks good, replicate a design that has been proven that it will work, no matter what.

But I still ask myself why?

Why would you want your home to look like everyone else'?

Why aren't we trying hard to be unique, original, one-of-a-kind?

We are after all, unique beings. We are all different, no matter how hard 'they' try to put us all in a box.

Our dreams vary, our desires change, our wishes grow...yet, when it comes to design, we like to follow trends like little sheep.

I am giving you permission to stop at the fork in the road, and choose your own (design) way. Take your own design journey! Be unique, and let YOUR personality shine through!!

If you struggle with HOW to design a unique space, designers are here to help you navigate the crazy waters of design world and select perfect options just for you!

If you need help, guidance, advice, or a full design, I can so help you with that!

Reach out and let's start YOUR unique design journey!


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